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Hi! I'm Grace of Sleeping Gracefully. I'm originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and currently reside in Raleigh, NC. 


I was never one of those "I'm able to function well on five hours of sleep gals," and instead always needed my full eight! Then my daughter, Rena, arrived - a blessing for sure, but also a bombshell to my way of life. The feeding, the rocking, the catnapping all added up to a serious sleep deficit of maybe 1-2 hours a day (sound familiar?!) . No one can function like that, and the lack of sleep definitely led to gaining weight and losing patience. The worst, though, was that I wasn't able to appreciate all of those sweet baby moments because I was SO.TIRED.

I finally decided that I needed to start sleeping again in order to get my life back, and thus began my love and passion for all things baby/toddler sleep. I read every sleep book on the planet, and all on my own helped my daughter become the world's best sleeper. I loved talking about sleep and helping those around me with their sleep issues, so I decided to become a Certified Sleep Consultant through the Family Sleep Institute - the most comprehensive, research-based school of sleep. When I work with families to get their child sleeping well, it is truly life changing for the child and the family. That is why I love what I do!

Outside of my love for baby/toddler sleep, I enjoy plenty more of life's simple pleasures: cooking, baking, exercising, yoga, and eating cheese and trying new beers (hello I'm from WI!). With everyone in the house sleeping well, I also love exploring new shops and restaurants, traveling, and spending quality time with my husband, daughter, and puggle, Barkley.

As a certified Sleep Consultant, I aim to gain your trust and work together in order to develop a customized plan that is both effective and fits your lifestyle. Get in touch to learn more about my personalized approach and how it can benefit you.

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